Prevention and early detection are the keys for a healthy life. Be informed of your risk for certain cancers, and find what to do about them, by starting in the community. See all Community articles »

Preventable cancers

It may seem scary, but gathering information and staying on top of your health even before seeing severe symptoms or a diagnosis may give you more peace of mind and a better life. Check if your family has a history...
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“Cancer is a word, not a sentence”, wrote Dr Buckman. If you or a loved one finds cancer in your diagnosis, know that there are many ways to treat and adapt to this new condition. See all Diagnosis articles »

Financial help in Diagnosis

Doctors may recommend many laboratory tests to get a better idea of and to make sure of your diagnosis. If you are employed: Use your company health card and/or PhilHealth. Make sure to ask your company about this, to confirm...
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Getting a medical diagnosis

There is usually better chance of diagnosing rare cancers at tertiary hospital. Further, specialty hospitals are more likely to have the specialists and equipment needed to diagnose certain conditions. For instance, Phil Children’s Medical Center is more likely to help...
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Some medicine may be bitter, but there can often be ways to add some sugar to help it go down. Take comfort that modern treatment has become both more effective and a little more comfortable. See all Treatment articles »

Financial help during Treatment

If you need to be hospitalized or take expensive treatment, follow the steps below in order, to get the financial aid you need. If you have to be admitted and stay at the hospital, or if there are expensive complications...
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Navigating the health system for treatment

Once you have found a doctor that you trust and who will help you with your journey, it is good to follow her/his advice as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to discuss options, and ask enough questions so that...
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After treatment, survivors often have to continue winning the battle in smaller ways such as maintaining medication and follow-ups. See all Survivorship articles »

Tips for nonmedical costs

While the day-to-day may not cost as much as big interventions, long-term upkeep can take a toll on one’s resources. Here are some programs you or your loved one can apply to help as you or your loved ones recover...
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Follow-ups and Side effects

Often, after the initial treatments, you or your loved one may need to take maintenance medicines or have continued follow-ups. As with prevention and early detection, it is good to be faithful to your follow-ups and medicines so that any...
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Each person’s time must come. In times of bereavement, there are many ways to honor a former survivor. See all Legacy articles »

Putting financial affairs in order

Though it may be difficult, it will help greatly to take stock of and begin financial preparations for what may eventually come with your loved one. Ask your accountant or financial advisor to help you take stock of things such...
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