Though it may be difficult, it will help greatly to take stock of and begin financial preparations for what may eventually come with your loved one.

Ask your accountant or financial advisor to help you take stock of things such as real estate, financial assets (bank), stocks and bonds, vehicles, business interests, and insurance and retirement policies. You can plan ahead how you can prepare to pass these on from you or your loved one when the time comes, and anticipate if you are prepared for potential expenses.

It may also be good to discuss funeral and burial instructions, such as if your family has already purchased a lot before, and you have a preferred way of being remembered.

Finally, it is prudent for all persons, to keep a living will and inform one’s attorney of where it can be found. Matters such as financial and medical power of attorney can also be discussed and settled, so that it will cause no more more headaches later on in the future.

It may be difficult to discuss such matters now, but doing so can help to greatly lessen future grief. This can help family and loved ones prepare now, so that remaining time can be spent joyfully and at peace.


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash