If you need to be hospitalized or take expensive treatment, follow the steps below in order, to get the financial aid you need.

  1. If you have to be admitted and stay at the hospital, or if there are expensive complications to your condition, approach Medical Social Services (MSS) of your hospital.
    1. In PGH, mention what is usually called a “white card” which has the category of patient based n case study report.
    2. MSS endorses for assistance from DOH-MAP (now called Malasakit Center)
  2. Approach local government agencies. For one-stop office, visit the nearest Malasakit Center
    1. Through  a joint order of DOH, PHIC, PCSO and DSWD, it is a one-stop shop for extended financial assistance for medical care. It will allow you to go for these services in just one office so that your balance beyond what Philhealth covers can get the closest to zero. Through it, one can access the Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients Program so that other agencies can fill in remaining balance after PhilHealth coverage has been exhausted. Based on compiling different news articles, there are currently 16 Malasakit Centers in the Philippines:
  3. If you are not near a Malasakit Center, you may try to approach the individual government agencies such as PAGCOR, PCSO, and DSWD.
    1. PAGCOR
    2. PCSO
      1. Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) Online Appointment
      2. Included services in Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP)
      3. free medicines through the Pharmacy Division (source)
      4. Requirements for Medical Assistance
      5. Specific requirements for each type of medical assistance
      6. IMAP Application form
    3. DSWD
  4. If these are still not enough, approach your local government.
    1. Write a letter to office for Social Welfare and Development in your Municipality first, and then if they are not responsive, to your city office. If needed, write to your mayor.
    2. Prepare a referral from your Barangay captain.
  5. Another option, especially for some rare cancers where diagnosis and/or treatment is still very new, is seeking aid from international organizations. Search online for organizations catering to your condition, and try to contact them via email for help.
  6. Coordinate with your doctor, and also search online, for clinical trials that you may participate in, both locally and abroad.

1. If the patient is admitted or needs to be admitted, or has complications, go to Medical Social Services of hospital. For PGH, ask about the “white card” which has the category of patient based on case study report. MSS endorses for assistance from DOH-MAP (now called Malasakit Center)

2. Local government agencies to approach – PAGCOR, PCSO, DSWD

3. LGU – Write letter to municipality or city social welfare and development. Then can go to mayor or higher.

4. Seek aid from international organizations

5. Seek clinical trials locally or abroad (online search) to coordinate with a Philippine doctor

You can fInd procedures and required documents from local government websites.

**UPDATE: With the recent passing of the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law, some procedures for financial assistance, such as requesting help from PCSO, may change. While the implementing rules of the UHC Law are still subject to approval, these procedures still stand. However, stay updated on news of the UHC Law for changes that may make applying for financial assistance even more accessible!

Resource: Foundations which you may request financial assistance from


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