It may seem scary, but gathering information and staying on top of your health even before seeing severe symptoms or a diagnosis may give you more peace of mind and a better life. Check if your family has a history of cancer, and consult a doctor to see if you are at risk, and what ways you can minimize your risk.

It may be comforting to know that with today’s medicine, some cancers such as prostate or colorectal can be detected early, through regular check ups, when it is much easier to minimize your risk and keep it from developing into full-blown disease. Many people have saved resources, time, and worry by early detection and treatment. If possible, it is best not to delay treatment.

It is also good to know that In fact, some cancers today are actually preventable.

For instance, girls 9-12 years old can get the HPV vaccine as prevention against cervical cancer. The risk of developing lung cancer is of course much lower if stop, or never begin smoking.  Skin cancer can be prevented my regulating your exposure to the sun, and wearing sunscreen or long-sleeved clothing when you expect to be in daylight for a long time.

You can learn more about early detection, and preventable cancers, by checking the reliable information on the sites listed in the resources page, or the ones listed below:

Finally, regular check-ups, healthy diet and active lifestyle are always beneficial for a healthy body.

The American Institute has 10 tips on how to check your lifestyle so that you make the most of the likelihood to be cancer-free.

1. Be a healthy weight

2. Be physically active

3. Eat a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans

4. Limit consumption of “fast foods” and other processed foods

5. Limit consumption of red and processed meat

6. Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks

7. Limit alcohol consumption8. Do not use supplements for cancer prevention

9. For mothers: breastfeed your baby, if you can

10. After a diagnosis, follow recommendations

Read at Cancer Prevention Recommendations for more details.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash