It is highly encouraged to join support groups and organizations for both social support and practical guidance. Family members, caregivers, and loved ones are also encouraged to join, so that the people you are with all have a good understanding of what you’re going through right now.

Support groups help provide some stability, especially if there will be a lot of changes in your personal life. Loved ones and caregivers are called on to have patience and to reassure survivors that caring is not a burden, and that the person is not a burden, but loved.

Many treatments have gone through progressive advancements through the years, and are very effective and have less side effects than before. However, there may still be some side effects that are uncomfortable and disruptive. Try to open up to your family to ease into coping with these changes. You may also ask other survivors on advice on how to cope. For instance, you may experience a decrease in appetite; some survivors recommend creating and following a habit to eat anyway despite the lack of appetite, or taking some medicine that can lessen other side effects like dizziness or pain, so that you are more encouraged to go about your regular routine. However, just be mindful as well of the advice you receive, and listen to authorities and medical professionals foremost, especially concerning medical treatment or medication.

The Philippine Cancer Society also has many articles that share perspectives on coping with cancer, that may help you in reflecting on your own experiences and moving forward in your journey.

Amidst changes, it is important to always have a positive outlook as you weather changes in your life. It is natural and healthy to share the low parts of the experience, but don’t forget to share and remember the good parts as well. If you make it a habit to stay positive, you can be a light to others and a reminder of hope and joy amidst challenges.

Support groups for specific rare cancers in the Philippines
General cancer support groups:


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