As you continue on your journey, remember to have hope and live your life. Cancer is not a sentence and certainly does not define you or how you live your life. Many cancer survivors go on and live fully.

Keeping a journal also helps for some people. You may write freely in a notebook, like a diary, or you may also use specific templates for your writing. Some recommended are the following. You can print them out then write on them regularly.

If you are fortunate to be coping well, it is encouraged to talk to others and share your advice, positivity, and hope. If you are having difficulties, there is no shame in asking from help from your loved ones, support group friends, or medical professionals. Hospice and palliative care groups may offer the support you need.

Every day is an opportunity to enjoy life, and to be a light to others.

Support groups for specific rare cancers in the Philippines
General cancer support groups:


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